Myrtleford, Wine

It can take years to create a good bottle of wine; preparing the soil, planting the vines, tending to them season after season until it is finally time to harvest the grapes. Then comes the tricky part- turning grapes into wine.

Many cellar doors feature restaurants or cafes offering fresh local produce and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. These are great places to indulge in leisurely lunches, meet the winemakers and learn the art of pairing food and wine. The cooler months are a great time to enjoy cosy open fires and sampling Port or delicious stickies.

Wineries in Myrtleford & Surrounds include:
Bike and Barrell Wines 0409 971 235
Bush Track Wines 0409 572 712
Eaglerange Estate 03 5752 2518
Ferraro Wines 0417 587 130
Gapsted Wines 03 5751 1383
Michelini Wines 03 5751 1990
Souter's Vineyard 03 5752 1077
The Homestead Estate 0488 258 997