Road Cycling & Gravel Rides

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Wide open roads, bucolic pastures, mountain ranges and not a traffic light for miles. Out here, you really can just enjoy the ride. Whether it's a valley loop out to the lake, a steady climb up over a range – and the downhill that comes with it – or a weave through farmland on a quiet gravel ride, come and see for yourself why cyclists love riding this part of the High Country.

Road Cycling Routes

Always a favourite, the 44km road ride from Myrtleford to Lake Buffalo and back along Buffalo River Road is a nice pedal to warm up with. It's scenic and has a gentle climb that becomes a helpful downhill on the way home. Once that's done, crank up the climbing with the beautiful Happy Valley Loop Ride. It's only 36km, but has just enough elevation to keep you busy. Want more distance? Push across to the Kiewa Valley on the 84km Dederang Loop. More climbing? Try the 58km Myrtleford to Beechworth and Stanly Loop. And if you want both distance and an epic climb, tackle the 120km Myrtleford to Mount Buffalo Ride. This 7 Peaks climb is epic and oh so rewarding. Get the Epsom salts ready.

Road Cycling Track Notes

Gravel Grind Routes

Prefer even quieter roads? Grab your gravel bike, pack your saddle bag – you are going to want plenty of fuel – and head out on one of these great rides. The 98km Loop ride to Carboor and Everton is on both quiet sealed road and gravel, while The Myrtleford Monster at 123km is a huge but very rewarding loop ride over the range to the King Valley and back, starting out on the sealed Buffalo River Road.

Gravel Grind Track Notes

Cycling Services

Drop by The Myrtleford Cycle Centre in the centre of town for bike sales, repairs and servicing as well as cycling wear, spare parts, bike hire and tours.

Restaurants & Cafes

Get lost in the aromas of Myrtleford's temptuous cuisines.