Forge’s North East Heritage Cattle Drive

    Come and experience Victoria’s largest Heritage Cattle Drive, droving close to 400 head of cattle through the picturesque King Valley to Oxley where they are then used for an annual ‘Team Penning & Two-handed Cutting Event’.

    It is the perfect High Country experience for you and your horse and there is no better way to spend a week in the saddle than to be droving cattle through the mountains, valleys and bush country.

    Droving cattle was once the only method of moving stock from one place to another and the art has eventually been lost through generations of society becoming more dependent on mechanical transport. The aim of the droving trip is not only to take the cattle to the Forge’s property, but to let people have an insight of the cattleman’s country life and the magnificent scenery that can be seen whilst on horse back.

    The week long journey will commence in the sub-alpine area known as Rose River and conclude in Oxley, where the cattle will then be able to have a days rest before the fun filled competition begins. On the Friday people are most welcome to stay at the Forge’s Farm so they can visit the local attractions before the weekend’s show.

    With mountainous countryside, hearty food & a cattlemans experience – it’s the perfect horseback adventure!